A bit


We are a creative lab interested in the convergence of art, design and technology, focused on the generation of interactive experiences.

We seek to favor the debate that technology has in the field of art and education, using the gameplay as a form of interaction in our pieces. We work with open source technologies and everyday materials to create accessible experiences, establish a closeness and horizontality with the general public.

We produce pieces in multiple formats and technologies creating from small devices or video games to immersive experiences and participative installations. We also offer playful and practical workshops in several centers combining new and old technologies and focusing on their creative and artistic applications.

We have been part of Interactivos 17 of Medialab Prado and Sonnar Innovation Challenge, and we have shown our works in VSL-TNT in Baumann Lab Terrassa, ESC digital arts festival, Be my human videogame night in MACBA, Hack and art day, Linkafesta , and Mostra Sonora at El Convent Sant Agustí. We have also received a residency to from the creation factory of L’estruch.